The last few months have been silent here. Here’s why… I’m closing down this blog. It’s a little bitter-sweet as this has been a landing-place for a lot of thoughts for the past 5 years! I’ve met a number of really cool people and have appreciated and been blessed by the interaction.

That’s the bitter part.

The sweet part is this:

My wife and I are blogging together (along with some very amazing people as guest contributors on If you follow this blog via WordPress, please consider clicking HERE and following the blog!

I’ll be closing this down this site in the next 30 days or so – Thanks for reading!

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Introducing: At The Speed of Family

There is a phrase that I’ve found explains the rate at which we find ourselves moving through life…

“At the speed of family”

I believe there are others that feel this way… family life is speedy. My wife, Lesley, and I are hoping to encourage others that find themselves in this same season. Please! If you would – come visit – and share the link with anyone you might feel could be encouraged!

I will be blogging there more frequently. Not sure what will come of this site – so go and subscribe to the posts at if you wish! Or put that URL in your favorite RSS reader!


where we stand as a family.


The house is quiet – other than the ticking of clocks and the typing of this blog. But I hear things like: “can you really do this (parent 4 boys)” or “how are you going to love your wife tomorrow (you could have done better)” or “did you really love her today how she needed” or “you could have done a much better job at being a dad today than you were” – and I come to. Wait.

And take back all that ground that I have let the enemy claim – his tactics are nothing new… Jesus reigns. Satan is (always) trying to steal (my family), kill (my joy), and destroy (my marriage). I call you out, enemy of the Most-High, defender of pride, accuser, prince (not KING) of this earth.

Take your blame, shame, guilt, doubt, and pride with you. I’m going to sleep

You must leave now in the name of Jesus.  Take your blame, shame, guilt, doubt, and pride with you. I’m going to sleep and will be sleeping well. Tomorrow I will wake, and my family will do warfare against you again. I will teach my boys to pray in the name and blood and power of Jesus. I will teach them that worship (in life and song) of Jesus is powerful. I will teach them that you have no power over them when they say the name of, and trust Jesus. I will teach them that you are always out to steal, kill, and destroy. And that Jesus beat the hold of hell once, and will defeat you again.

And as my oldest son said once… Jesus is coming with a big spanker.