Lull of Life

Recently my son Roman was having one of his fussy spells around midnight one evening, nothing Les or I could do would calm him, we walked around, bounced him (like you do with a baby), “shhhhhed” him… his diaper was clean, his tummy was full and it was 76 degrees in the house – what more could he ask for right? Finally, I sat down in the rocking chair and started singing some songs to him and rocking him gently. Within seconds the tension in his body started to loosen, he started to calm down and eventually his eyes grew heavy and he fell asleep.

Now, although in the instance, Roman falling asleep was a positive thing (both – for his parents, and for him) — In my life as Christian, I’m lulled to sleep by this same ‘rocking’ movement of life. Back and forth from home to work – work to home – and the same thing the next day… the noise of the hustle and bustle around me makes me so drowsy that I miss (and forget) the important things that really matter. I get to a point where I’m not even aware of my attitude, of the disciplines that I really do desire to have, in prayer, reading the word, and spending quality time with God.

Like Roman, I find myself fussy, and not for any other reason, but that I just need to settle down. Maybe Roman and my situation is more alike than I thought, in that I need to just let my Father rock and sing me to point where I can find peace.


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