What are your passions? What drives you? What do you wish you could do all day? Don’t give the lazy, quote – unquote, “humorous” or junior highish answer like… sit and watch TV, or sleep, or eat, or play video/computer games, etc… I like to do those things too… but I get bored of them, maybe you don’t, but personally I could pick my favorite thing out of that “lazy list” and do it all day and get bored of it. I’m asking – what could you do all the time and never get bored of, for me it is photography or writing music. Really.. answer the question for yourself…Now… do you, or have you ever put that before your pursuit of a Holy God. I get my passions and my persuit of God mixed around all the time. Yes, God has given me those passions or gifts, but it is still really easy for me to put those things before him. Spending to much time doing those things, and not enough time in solitude, in prayer, in reading, or just listening to Him. Paul tells us in Romans 12:1-2 to offer ourselves as living sacrifices, and to transform our minds to test and approve His will. How can we do that if we are focused on our own passions and desires more than Jesus?


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