Prayer – Song

This is from an old post – I’ve heard many people thinking about prayer and how God answers prayer…I thought I’d share some lyrics of a song I’m working on… Let me know your thoughts…

Pray your Fill

Can truth be found in your circumstance/Can love be found in the way you stand/should I bend what I think is right/Or bow to my corner and avoid the fight./Will justice be done with out my cry/Will the lesson be learn in the midst of the night/And with out my prayer, will the issue resolve/Or should I rally the voices, for one, for all? /You can see my heart, You can hear my silence/You can cool the sun, You can dry the ocean/Who am I to sway your will…Yet you tell me to pray, pray my fill So… Truth can be found in my circumstance/And love should be found in the way I stand./I should not bend what I know is right/Or take my corner to avoid this fight.


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