The H.S., my wife, and Louie Giglio teamed up on me this last week. [not really but it felt like it] I have been running myself ragged with things to do… and most of the time it is with one (or all) of my many hobbies. I have realized that I will do everything that my mind thinks of in regards to my hobbies – in addition to things that don’t matter. In an effort to make my mind stop I write it down on my “to-do” list, the more I pile on this list, the more feel I need to get on there [odd] – I think part of it is I like to stay on the go and cross things off…. It is a violent tornado of to-do’s that force me right the ground or the nearest brick wall and inevitably burned out, not to mention the people around me stressed out as well…

My favorite quote from Louie Giglio is below:
For some it’s the office, for others, the mirror. When you follow the trail of your time, energy, affection, and money, you find a throne. And what ever is on that throne is the object of your worship.

Over and over I find myself chasing after things that will burn away – I run after the next carrot dangling in front of my face, and I have no idea I’m even doing it. The thing that I find battling for the throne in my life is my own passions and Christ. what battles for throne in your own life?


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