I’ve had a couple of people ask me for the questions from today’s service that I asked… here they be.

I often lose focus of what an amazing privilege it is to sing praises to God. And to worship him in Song, this week I convicted on many levels of what Worshiping is, in the context of Music and our corporate gatherings… Is worship about God or is it about what I like?

Do I seek God’s presence or the comfort of being with friends and doing what is familiar?

Am I so contemporary I lose the transcendence of God?

Am I so traditional that I forget God’s relevance?

Do I see myself as part of an audience giving approval/disapproval to leaders?

Can God use what I don’t like?

Am I more into music than the spoken word?

Do I ignore the command to sing, and think just to get to the “message”?

Is the style of worship more important to me than the object of worship?

Do I love His presence as much as the songs I sing and play?

Can I worship Him when it’s hard work and my joy is running low?


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