One God

my awesome wife had a great insight the other day, her confession (and I’ve made this mine too) is that God is different sizes and different strengths for each area of her (and my own) walk and life. For me: At home God is big! At church God is pretty big, at work (it is hard to even write this) God is fairly small. With my son – God is Huge (creation is amazing)… one thing I have taken a moment to do is look back… in hindsight God has been HUGE!! He has never failed me or my family, He has always shown Himself faithful. He has shown up and enormous ways so many different times…. So my prayer is that God would help me to see in the moment, in the storm, in the quite how big his size, power, love, grace, and wisdom.


One thought on “One God

  1. That’s a pretty useful way to look at things. It’s really inspiring to read something like that, something I can put to use in my own life.

    Can’t wait to see you and your family at Thanksgiving. It’s coming up so quickly.

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