too busy?

I am really trying to not complain so much… when people ask: “how are ya doin’?” my response has been: ooohhh pretty good [Eeyore style], busy, going crazy, “swimming” [in stuff to do] – I can always find stuff to complain about, but if I constantly come across as “too busy” then people are going to think that I am too busy for them, or that I can’t help in a situation, or that I don’t want to help… and I DO!! There are times I share my stresses, but I’m learning it doesn’t have to be ALL THE TIME! The reason behind this: I know that when I go to someone for help or insight on issues or problems I am going through and they are constantly busy, it is not as easy to go to them again, I believe it squelches the opportunities that can be of encouragement or service to someone. Jesus was never too busy… he took time to be alone, but when someone came to him … he was never too busy.

Thought to ponder (I stole this from Cal Kreoker)…. Jesus’s ministry revolved around interruption.


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