I recently have been asking that God give me a world vision. I had a conversation with a close friend and he suggested to pray that God would give me an accurate world vision…… well, I was put in my place the other day when I heard someone say on a podcast that “most of us don’t have a community vision, much less a world vision”….. this stopped me dead in my tracks or thoughts….I thought of how often I wallow in my comfort of home, office, church seat…. Instead of risking (risking what???) my “got-it-together” look or talk… or that someone might find out that I don’t have it together, that I don’t know the answers, that I am really a selfish self-seeking person with motives of self-interest deeper than my motive of serving others for the purpose of loving as Jesus Christ did and furthering the Gospel. As I write this I know that it may come across as being transparent, it’s transparent alright but last time that I wrote / talked / confessed this same thing…… I didn’t take any action, I didn’t change. And there is the frustration I have with MY selfishness is that I see it… .but am lazy to change… please don’t be like me. Please join with me and pray for an accurate community vision, an accurate world vision, and the courage take action.


One thought on “got-it-together

  1. I’m there with you! let’s pray for each other. I would absolutely love that, especially with everything that is going on right now with me, but you know the funny thing is (above) is always the excuse – it never changes, I need to keep reminding myself to open my eyes, to see the burning bush and realize the fortune that I have been blessed with.

    I’m going to start blogging on my site again, can’t believe I’ve stalled so long :< what's muh deal!? miss you guys

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