soaking it in.

I was watching Roman the other day as he was playing with his “little people“….. he couldn’t see me as I was peeking around the corner at him. I just took in the moment of being proud of him and “pleased” with him (I told him to go play until supper was ready)… What I started to think on was how often God is peeking around the corner at me … granted I understand that my Father can and does peek in on my all the time, but it was a great “ah-ha!” moment for me to realize how God watches me “play” and keeps an eye on me “around the corner”. He gives me direction, then the freedom to play, to learn _____ on my own, and to enjoy life with in his boundaries. If Roman would have started to destroy something, or needed me, or asked for me to come and play I would have in a second… just to spend time with him. But I just soaked it in just as I think God does with us so often.


One thought on “soaking it in.

  1. isn’t it so awesome that God has given us a way to slightly understand how he feels towards us and our relationship with him. very cool beans.

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