"Big Boy Faith"

so yet another cool lesson from my awesome son… I was at the park with him the other day and we were moseying around just playing on slides, throwing rocks, sand, sticks and watching ants – then I could tell he didn’t know what to do next… so I suggested the swings. He got so excited and started yelling “swing, swing…” in only the way that Roman can. He ran up to the baby swing and wanted help getting into it so I lifted him up and gave him a couple pushes. Finally after 2 min he was board with that so I suggested: “Roman do you want to go swing on the big boy swing?”. Instantly his excitement peaked again…. “Big boy swing, Big boy swing…” but his perspective, I learned, was a little different than mine. He ran over to the large baby swing, to him this was the “big boy swing”. I kept urging him to go to the normal swings… or in other words the “Big Boy Swings” that I was referring to.

What struck me with this is how often I do this with God. God urges me to go “play on the big boy swing” or use my “Big Boy Faith” and I just bounce back and forth between the things that I’m comfortable with. And rarely ever use my “Big Boy Faith”


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