help me daddy

you know those ladders in parks where you start climbing up them and eventually – if you continue on climbing – you’ll just end up upside down on the other side?? Well Roman decided to crawl up one tonight at the park. Lesley and I were sitting on a swing watching him and I figured I should probably go help the ambitious 2 year old. When I made it over to him He was about 1/2 the way to the top, he was smiling from ear to ear and I could tell he was pretty proud of himself for making it “so high”, I knew however that he wasn’t going to be able to get down…. I stood there talking to him and encouraging him as he climbed, telling him he was doing a great job, when he finally got to the peak of the ladder. He tried to continue and I could tell that he wasn’t sure what to do next as the path he was on was heading in a direction that he wasn’t sure how to continue. And there I learned of another parallel of my life… How many times I’m “on my way” enjoying the path I’m on enjoying the adventure and thrill of something new, and then all of a sudden I look around and I realize I don’t know how to get down… and I have to say “daddy help me down?”, just as Roman did to me tonight…. Lord, thank you for 2 year olds and the lessons they teach.

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