Crickets Hear Thunder

So Lesley and I were sitting in our living room tonight with a couple of friends discussing some theology and OT while a thunder storm started to creep closer and closer to Wayne. We had the windows open and could hear all the noises of the night: crickets, crickets and more crickets (I make it sound like it was annoying, but it was quite peaceful and relaxing). We would see the lighting and would hear the thunder a while later (this went on for a while). As our conversation continued the thunder rolled closer, louder, longer… when all of the sudden – there was a ROLL OF THUNDER. What was so amazing about this??….. The crickets that were doing their normal cricket thing ceased their song of chirping while the thunder rolled. It was the most amazing we stopped and listened, then continued on…. The coolest thing is that God speaks through this….. I wonder if crickets chirp as worship… follow me here — so they are going along worshiping, worshiping, worshiping in their cricket tongue and all of the sudden God speaks **Thunder** and they stop to listen, they are “breathless” they have an awe of God’s response… ok a little quirky I know; but isn’t that similar to what we should do?

Chirping, chirping, chirping in worship then God Speaks or shows up, and we just bask in it, because that is all we can do, then just continue our chirping — looking and desiring to get an answer or be in His presents again, longing for Him, there is the desire so much to stay there in the “Thin Space” (moments of spiritual awareness) and yet it passes and you keep looking yearning for it to come again… and so we continue to worship (the challenge for me is to do it because He is worthy – not to get a response…) I’m amazed at what crickets taught me about God tonight, maybe I’ll think twice before crunching the next one I find in my house….


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