worship: our response

I’ve had one of those renewed revelations recently after doing some studying about worship. Here are my thoughts:

Pretend for a second that you find out your closest friend has ignored you, or used you for their gain, or denied they knew you because of someone they were around thought you were a looser, or they promised you they would help you do something and they didn’t show up… it would be pretty hard to walk beside them and promise to always be their for them if they needed you, even if they did all this again……. and you knew they were going to do it all again…. We do this to God all the time. But he has through the ages walked beside us and been their for us when we need him…

God has been pursing us ever since he created us – he walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden (Gen 3:8), he promised the Israelites that he would walk with them and He was their God (Lev 26:11-13), he sent Jesus Christ into the world to walk among us (Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), then finally in the end God will dwell with man (Rev 21:3).

So how should we respond to this? What do we say [to God] after he has continued to keep his covenant with us (Lev 26:11-13) after we have fallen so short?

we worship.

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