a father’s heart

The band and all those connected (kids / wives) went to Fall Getaway (Nebraska’s Campus Crusade Fall…. you guessed it “Getaway”) – last weekend and had a great time!! We help usher students and staff into worship through music. Saturday morning I was at the main part of camp while my family and the rest of the band was at our cabin. upon my return I learned that Roman inadvertently ended up in the little waterway (pondish type body of water) face-down. Lesley ended up seeing and hearing him when she jumped in the water and pulled him out.

When I returned to the camp I learned about the excitement and after things set in a bit I had a new outlook on life – it was the first time that I can say that Lesley and I ‘almost lost’ Roman or a child — My thoughts now as I blog….. how many times do I scare God with what I’m doing, and is he ‘scared’ about loosing us [me] to the enemy…. granted there is the argument that he knows what is going to happen, but it helps me realize the heart of God, when I look at the heart of a father, my heart…


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