anyone with a two year old knows the emotion that builds up in you when there is a constant whining about every topic you bring up….

here is a glimps into some convo’s:

Jason (25) : “Roman this food is hot you need to blow on it.”
Roman (2) : “Nooooo, my food is not hooot.”
Jason (25) : “OK”
Roman (2) : “OWW [burst of cry], it is hoooot.”
Jason (25) : “I know, I told you it was hot.”

My thoughts…. “just listen to me and you won’t get hurt”


Jason (25) : “Roman we need to go get ready for bed.”
Roman (2) : “Nooooooooo!, It is not time for bed!!”

My thoughts… “if you don’t go to bed now you will keep tripping over
your feet because you are so tired, AND you are just going to get in
trouble because you are too tired to think straight.”


I’m again amazed at how God teaches through being a parent. I whine just like Roman, I want my way, I tell God: I think I can handle the ‘hot food’, I think I should ‘stay up later’…. He is most likely just saying “Jason, I know what is best, just trust me, please just do what I say…”


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