5 ways I’m slowing down.

Slowing down can be hard. Here is what I am attempting…

Write 2 letters (handwritten) per month
Recently I wrote both of my Grandmother’s and it was so much fun!! I can’t wait to get a letter back to write them back. It made me slow down and really enjoy the communication. Rather than firing off a “Very Thoughtful” email.

Check Email minimally on the Week (this includes Facebook / Myspace etc….)

We are so tied to these accounts….. email / facebook / blogs / readers…..what ever it be… take a fast from the “time sucking – black hole” commonly known as the the internet.

Pick up the Phone call someone and talk just to talk.
I called someone the other day just to talk, I also received a call the other day from a dear friend (that I have yet to call back….. sorry C.S. – I’ll call ya soon). It is so nice to just talk with someone and not chat / text / email / message someone……

Read a book (whether it be Dr. Sues or something a little more advanced)

I am enjoying reading and need to put more time toward this, it really makes you slow down. I want to start taking 15 min in the middle of the day to slow down and read something (not on a computer screen).

Breathe Deep.

Self explanatory.

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