along for the ride

i was headed out to get some salt to melt the ice that built up on our sidewalk tonight and I asked Roman if he wanted to come with me to Bomgaars (one of his favorite trips). He eagerly accepted the invitation and ran to get his shoes, coat, and hat on. We got all bundled up and in the car to find out that Lesley had about 1/8″ sheet of ice on her windshield…. I didn’t have time to scrape this and Roman would have learned what hypothermia is like while he sat in the freezing car…. I thought to myself:

i don’t want to have to move the car seat to my car (which didn’t have ice on it) just to take him with me to Bomgaars for a bag of ice-melt. I’ll just take him inside and he can play with his toys.

well I got to thinking even more… I want him to come with me, I want to spend time with him, I’ll do what it takes for this to happen… so I took him inside did the seat exchange thing and went back in the house to get him…. then we were finally on our way.

My lesson tonight: I bet God is often thinking, I could do this much faster and more efficient with out Jason BUT HE CHOOSES TO TAKE ME! Even when he knows I’m going to want to stop and look at every new little gaget, toy, bug….. credit card swipper thing (in this case). God chooses to take me along with him. Why wouldn’t I do the same for Roman and Levi?


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