Psalm 23

Psalms 23
Words and Music by Jason & Lesley Gangwish

Audio upon request
© 2009 | Jason Gangwish | Psalm 23

Verse 1
Lord you are my Shepherd, you give me all I need
you Lead me to the pasture and (your) streams of Peace
My strength is found in You for the Glory of Your name
Though I walk through the valley I am not afraid

Lead me Oh Lord
I put my trust in you, I know you’re there to the end
Lead me Oh Lord
I put my hope in you, no one else will (can) contend

Verse 2
Your there right behind me, when I start to fall
Your rod and your staff will be my All in All
My enemies pursue me – while your covenant surrounds
You anoint me with blessing, and your love comes raining down.


Surely Your goodness and unfailing love…
will pursue me all of my life
I will live in the house of my Lord Forever,
(and) find rest in the comforting arms of my Shepherd.


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