daddy to the rescue

I Had the most incredible experience today in a McDonalds Play-Area. It had been a long morning (longer than usual) for Roman, we had gone to church with my wife’s parents back in central Iowa, and we decided to have a late breakfast at McDonald’s before we headed back to our home. Roman excitedly followed his cusins (8 & 10 years old – so considerably quicker, bigger and braver) up the twisted maze of plastic… I watched him disappear into the chaos; I could still hear him as he followed his cusins, then he sounded concerned and then scared. He started calling for ‘mommy’ – Lesley was busy tending to Levi and bringing the food to us so it was ‘daddy to the rescue’ – it was the most amazing trip into the maze, I had no idea where he was but I was able to follow his voice and pick him up and bring him back to the ground where he found safety and Mom.

All he had to do was call out and ask and I was more than willing to come lead him to ‘safety’…

Our AMAZING Father and Savior hears us the same way…. Call out and ask him to lead you through the maze.


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