the route from here to there

a couple weeks back my family and I were flying from one city to another and we were a little behind in schedule. My wife and I mutually agreed to take a route that was unfamiliar to us because it would get us there a little quicker and we were hoping to make up a little lost time (long story in it’s self). As we were driving along I had an urge to speed through each little town, and speed even more on the open road just to try and get to my final destination as fast as I could to make sure I got us there on time and to avoid frustration and maybe the cost of a new flight…… I knew WHERE the airport was but I didn’t necessarily know the route I was going…..

What I realized in that moment is that much of life is like the situation I was in. I know the final destination but I don’t know the route God is going to take me on to get to that destination. Further more, my desire to speed through the ‘unknown’ is evident in life just as it was in my driving to the airport. My motive in speeding is most of the time to get through pain, hurt, frustration, or just the feeling of the unknown as quick and unscathed as possible – so that I can enjoy my goal.


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