footprints in snow

I was walking to our car this afternoon with Roman (he was helping me with some Saturday morning “to do’s”) and while I was looking down making sure not to slip in the snow / ice – it struck me how amazing seeing little footprints in the snow really is.

  • My mind raced to the hypothetical… what if they weren’t there? How would life be different?
  • Then my next thought was: they will never be as small as they are right now!
  • Then my last thought: how appropriate those little footprints being in white snow…. a parallel to the innocence they carry.

I wonder if God ever looks at the footprints that we leave in this life like this? He might not entertain the hypothetical (my theology would lean “not”). But if we trust in Jesus – he sees our foot steps in white and realizes that if we are striving to be more like him our “faith-foot-steps” are never going to be “this small”.


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