muddy water

This week Willy Hunter with Gospelink spoke to Calvary about the passion of Gospelink – what an amazing vision, and mission — please check out the link.

What struck me was a picture that was in a video he presented (there is a similar picture on the link above, I just checked). There was a young man being baptized in a very muddy river… how drastically different of a reality this is from our clean and heated baptismal in our large building. I’m not by ANY means saying that baptisms in muddy African water is more righteous or that the clean / heated watered baptism in a large building is any less…. I’ve just been convicted about the fact that I have let my thoughts and actions steer more toward the comfortable “American” version of following Jesus – rather than what is reality for the majority of christians alive today… and that more people are baptized in muddy water than clean.

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