ok…. it’s not hot now.

When ever Roman, I’m assuming Levi eventually too, is done with his breakfast / lunch / supper – I take him to the sink to wash his hands. There are times where the water is a little too hot for his liking, at those moments obviously he makes big deal out of it – and usually is pretty dramatic (it is never really that hot) he just likes the water cold…. so I do the dad thing and turn down the water temp and let the cold water flow through, when it is the right temperature I say “ok it’s not hot, go ahead and put your hands in”. I recently realized how alike my relationship is with God on this matter, there are times where things are a little to intense for me and I shouldn’t be in a situation. There are times were I am almost ready to stick my hands in something where I could get burned and God cautions me “that is a little to hot – let me turn the temperature down……….”ok go ahead and put your hands in now…” the lesson obviously comes when I stick my hands in anyway. And I run to Him with burnt hands, he sooths them, turns down the temperature and tells that it is either safe again, or to find another faucet….


2 thoughts on “ok…. it’s not hot now.

  1. Good thought Jason..

    On the flip side.. There are times, when my water is just not hot enough and I find myself thinking about what Jesus said about being lukewarm in Revelations. My prayers turn to Lord, Heat me up!

  2. I love how you make super awesome similarities in your relationship with your children and our relationship with God. Love it.

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