purple = green

talking with a close friend the other day and we were talking about beliefs, truth, relativism, cultural dissolution, science, etc… as you can tell it was a very rounded conversation…. We touched on a particular person who is well known in the scientific circle – I’m leaving the name unknown for this post because it is not important. Anyway – he mentioned that he went to listen to him speak and he felt very uneasy – in the sense that this speaker had so much sway over the audience, and it was as if he were to say that purple is actually green – they would believe him.

my thought / question : have I believed that purple = green in an area of my life? I believe I have at times believed something to be true when it is not even close to being truth. Examples: I believe that my list of to do’s at work is more important than my ‘honey-do’ list at home? That picking up the toys at home is more important than making sure that every toy is played with in every room of the house… at the same time…. That getting my sons to go to bed is more important than spending time with them as they slow their brains down for the night… praying with them, teaching them the simple concepts of God…

Maybe the “green’s” in your life are different… sometimes it is hard to see a color / situation for what it is (a lie or deseption).


One thought on “purple = green

  1. Very insightful, and much needed for me this week. THanks for sharing this was a great blessing to me today.

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