seeing people

I subscribe to many rss feeds, googlereader is amazing. some of the feeds I subscribe to are photography (one of my hobbies – I usually try and post a picture that I have taken with one of my blogs… but today is different… here is the picture: (I am not going to post it due to copyright issues – you’ll have to go to the link to understand my post today…) as I was looking at this picture it is very impressive not only artisticly but socially. Look at the people around this man playing the drums…. nobody is looking at him… nobody, and I pause to wonder and think, does anyone ever look at him? Would I look at him? Would I take time to sit down beside him and learn his story, hear his song (audable and otherwise)…. just some thoughts…. I pray I would look at people more, and not only look at them, but see them.


One thought on “seeing people

  1. Dude,

    You have such a refreshing and true perspective on life. You struggle and strive and that speaks so much of God’s work in your life. Looking forward to seeing you guys in May.


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