passionate for dad

I am attempting to install a water softener, I’ve learned with past plumbing projects, you make your initial ‘grocery list’ of stuff that you’ll need during the project… you go to your local Hardware store (Bomgaars in my case), then you bring it all home, then you make the second run to get the things you missed… bring that home, usually you have a third run… sometimes this repeats it’s self many times… This cycle, although frustrating for me, is very enjoyable for my son Roman. SO enjoyable that at the mention of bomgaars he will drop anything (food, rocks, cars, egg beaters – what ever he has) and be absolutely enthused about taking a trip with Dad to the hardware store.

The other day I told him that I was going and that he had to finish his supper we could go, so he went to it, eating his food, drinking his milk, etc… while he was finishing I slipped down stairs to make sure that I knew exactly what I needed this round of ‘hunt and gather’. Apparently Roman did not see me go to the basement and started to get frantic because he thought I left with out him, he passionately ran around the house crying and asking where I went, my wife Lesley assured him that I hadn’t left, but because he didn’t see me there was no convincing him and he continue in his frantic state for me….

I must be this passionate for Jesus. In a culture where passion is applauded when it is geared toward perversion, materialism, reletivism, and anything other than Jesus, it is far to easy to sweep my passion for HIM under the rug and play it off as ‘un-cool’ to show (outwardly / verbally / in my actions) that I am passionate for Jesus Christ…

Revelation 3:16

16So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.


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