Spiritual Warefare around Jesus

There was a question that ran through my mind during our bible study last night…

We’ve been reading through the Gospel of Mark and recently worked our way up to when Jesus was buried… My question to the group was “do you think the Satan’s attack of spiritual warefare on the day Jesus was on trial (and died) was trying to kill Jesus, or was it to keep him alive?”

  • If it was to kill him – Did Satan understand what Jesus dying meant?? If so, why would he be on the side to kill him?
  • If it was to keep him alive – that just seems odd, that Satan would have wanted to keep Jesus alive

You can tell that I’m processing this, so please post your thoughts – I’d love to here what you have to say!


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Warefare around Jesus

  1. good article rbartek! thanks for posting – it is neat to see that others think about that and have written on the subject – I’m going to save this and make sure to read it again…

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