Life Critic

You know how there are movie critics, food critics, city critics…..? Well I’ve realized that there are a couple other types of critics… life critics, and a people critics — and it is absolutely amazing how quickly a critical spirit can tear things apart, things like people, ministry, marriages, sons, daughters, businesses, colleagues….. you name it. If there are people involved with any aspect – you can be critical. I’m asking that we all, anyone who reads this, make a commitment to NOT be critical of anything or anyone (yes including the weather — because with the weather you are being critical of God…. and that is a scary thing) I have seen how making a point to be non-critical in my thoughts, and spirit have changed me and the people around me – granted I have a lot of room to grow in this, but it is exciting!


One thought on “Life Critic

  1. I have noticed that when I am being critical it opens the door for the devil to get his foot in. Since reading your post a couple days ago I have been aware of when I am being critical in my thoughts and words. This has helped me bring more glory to God, which improves my relationship with Him! Thanks for the post!

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