Music in the Church : Results!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Music in The Church Survey – there was a great response!  I’ve taken away a number of things (which I may post at a later date)… Here are the results – a number of you have been asking to see them:

What is your age?

Under 14     0%
14-18     0%
19-21     11%
22-25     7%
25-30     36%
31-40     18%
41-50     14%
51-60     14%
61+     0%

If you attended church as a child, what denomination did you grow up in?

Lutheran     19%
Methodist     22%
Presbyterian     7%
Baptist     11%
Catholic     0%
Assembly of God     4%
E-Free     4%
Vineyard     4%
non-denominational     7%
Other     22%


What denomination(s) do you / would you attend?











Assembly of God  











What style of Music do you prefer when you attend church?

1 – More Contemporary


















10 – More Hymns



What is the purpose of church?

  • The main reason for Church for a follower of Christ is probably the equivalent for a student at a School. The child can learn outside of class what he can learn inside, but it’s a more formal setting. In a classroom and church, you’re having a teacher/pastor-minister teach you what you can learn outside. but as a bonus, in a classroom a student can feel safe from persecution for learning, a student can socialize with others who want to learn, a place to feel safe in doing these actions. Compared, a church is a place a believer can come and escape persecution b/c they’re there for the same reason as all others; they can socialize with others learning what they’re learning; they can come here and feel safe to give everything to God without having a judgmental/ persecuting eye.
  • To worship God and bring him glory by following Jesus and making disciples.
  • For individual Christians to come together and fellowship with each other. The Church is the people, the church building is where the Church meets. They worship, encourage, and learn together.
  • The church is the body of believers. Its coming together to worship our Lord and Savior. Its a place for fellowship, encouragement, and growth.
  • Help us to become more like Jesus and to spread the good news of Him and His return.
  • Worship and praise God the creator, God the provider, God the sustainer, God the lover of my soul! Bonus: To interact with others who are on the same journey of trying to learn the mystery of faith and to take my love for God/Jesus/Holy Spirit out to the world so that they, too, may know the love of the Father!
  • To fellowship with believers, study His word and to worship our Lord.
  • To have an opportunity to reflect as a group in God’s house.
  • To worship and praise the God who made us with other believers.
  • To equip the saved to minister to and reach out to the world and make disciples.
  • To spread the gospel of Christ.
  • The purpose of the Church is to bring Disciples of Jesus together to 1)worhsip our King and Savior, 2)fellowship with other members of the body of Christ, 3)equip believers to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations.
  • Communal worship. To bring glory and praise to Jesus. Not necessarily for us to learn something – not really for US at all. It’s about focus on God.
  • To glorify God through evangelizing the lost and equipping the saved.
  • To revitalize your soul. To worship your Creator. To praise and honor God in a congregational setting (“where 2 or more of you are gathered”)
  • To profess your faith. To receive the body and blood of Christ, in remembrance of Him.
  • To hear the Gospel. To keep a Commandment.
  • To glorify God, to build up the body of Christ.
  • To touch people through the gospel for the Glory of Christ
  • To give back to the Lord through faith, service, love, and reverence. It is also a time to reflect on ourselves, and our goals to be better and constantly strive for improvement. It is a time for reverence, study, and prayer with family and friends. More importantly, it is about learning about the gospel and applying those principles to our daily lives. All of this results in true happiness.
  • Church is a means; it’s an avenue, a school, a haven. Church is a gathering place for people who desire an increased knowledge, better understanding, and social encouragement as they strive to become better people. The gospel, or in detail, the teachings of Christ in my religion, are a way of life. The gospel is life’s handbook for peace. The principles, the promises, the sacrifices, the self discipline, and the sacred work are all entailed in the gospel. Church is a means by which the gospel is spread. Church is the anchor, the mainstay, the constant yet evolving road to submission and conversion of the spirit. If the gospel is the food of life, church is the kitchen in which it is prepared and served.
  • The church is the ordained vehicle by which God is ushering His perfect kingdom into history.
  • To learn more about The Bible / Jesus, to worship, fellowship and prayer
  • To come together as Christ’s body to worship in song ,hearing God’s word,prayer,giving , all are a part of worship.
  • To learn of God and his plan for us. To gain a further light and knowledge of our purpose here on earth.
  • If by “church” you mean the worship service…
  • To worship and glorify our great God and to commune in his Spirit.
  • If by “church” you mean the body of believers…
  • To live in a communal relationship with God and to fulfill his purposes in the world.
  • Church is a family of believers who gather to worship our Father, learn more about Him, and support each other. Church is so much more than a “Sunday Morning Thing”. Church is family…



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