there is so much more!


I had the most fun the other day driving tractors around on the floor with my son Levi – we were crawling around on our knees making the “thptptptpt” noise — (I’m not sure how to spell the toungue and lips flapping together) — that is his noise for any vehicle. While doing this I had one of those moments where I learned about God and myself… Levi was having a blast following me around with his tractor, and then I would follow him around.. to him it was the BEST and MOST FUN he could have at that point in time…. but I know there are much more fun, better, grander, amazing things to do in life than to drive plastic tractors around on the floor… I’m not discounting the joy and quality time I was able to have with him while of crawling around on the floor, I look back on that with great joy!! I just know that there is so much MORE to do & see in life!!

I know God does the same, I’m sure he enjoys spending time with us while we crawl around on the floor thinking “this is the life” all the while know that there is so much more… just one more lesson i’m learning.

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