Rocks in my “Good Jar”


We use a “rock jar” to accumulate and measure the positive things our 3 year old son does (great idea from my sister in law)… he loves rocks and is very much a ‘visual’ kid. Whenever he does something that is helpful, kind, thoughtful, and / or acts in obedience…. we give him a rock in his good jar. If there is something of the contrary… well he has a jar that we will put bad rocks into too. At the end of the day the bad rocks are emptied and he gets to start fresh the next day…. once the good jar is full he gets to pick out a toy (within reason).

the other night Roman was in bed and I forgot to reward him for some good things that he did, so I decided to put some ‘good rocks’ in his good jar and emptied his bad jar…. and… well… I put a couple extra in the good jar, just because I love him :)

My Lesson — I know that God must do that for me on occasion – when I’m not looking, not expecting it, and don’t deserve it… he blesses me with some “good rocks”. Then eventually I see the jar full not even noticing they were placed there.

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