bar codes.


Do you know what this bar code says? Unless you are able to read bar codes at first glance, I bet you don’t.

What strikes me with the above code is that if I didn’t tell you what the code says – you would have no idea.  I [ in this case – the source of the code] can tell you… but you would have to trust me as you have no way of knowing if I’m telling you the truth or not….. Granted the implications of trusting me about what this code says are very minimal.  but what about those times when God asks us to trust him when he reveals something to us….what are those implications, remember He’s the source of the ‘code’ –  and he is ready to reveal himself through MANY avenues…

As a ‘part B’ to this post…

Interesting video on why Jesus spoke in parables (or ‘code’ —  if you will). Matthew 13:13. >> Great video on this: – every time I watch this it gets better.


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