early morning

Last night we took our boys to pick out a new artificial Christmas tree —  it was a fun adventure. Roman helped carry it to the car and into the house; Levi helped climb on all the Christmas decoration boxes and ‘cleaned’ the branches (in his mouth) before putting the limbs together… as stressfull as this all was at times, the memories we made were pricessless…

One of the annual decorations that we pull out are some hallmark firetrucks (more decorations than toys). Roman got one glance of them right before he was to be going to bed and then was sold on the fact that he wanted to play with them.  Lesley told him that we could play with them in the morning, so after a little ‘discussion’ he ‘agreed’.

Sure enough, first thing in the morning, he was up and ready to play with the firetrucks. As I sat on the floor with him at 6:15 am playing ‘firetrucks’ – I realized that I could have easily told him ‘go back to bed Roman’, but instead I was able to enjoy the time with him and build some memories… as much as I wanted sleep, that time with Roman was priceless…

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