Levi Update

This morning our son Levi fell and hit his head on a dresser. He started to vomit shortly after so we took him to the pediatrician to have him looked over. He seemed fine (in good spirits) and vitals were good so we headed home (from Norfolk, NE). While Lesley was getting his off at home he ended up vomiting again… So back to the doc for a CT scan…. (in the mean time still vomiting in the car…. Very long story short the CT came back negative (good thing) – so we started to give some fluids which ended coming up again (vomit) about an hour later… much confusion and frustration…. all that to say the diagnosis is….. he did have a concussion and on top of it he now has the flu too…. we are confident in the decision to have the CT done, and we praise God for his safety in the last 24 hours….this kid has been through the ringer the last week.


One thought on “Levi Update

  1. Praise God! Glad to hear it’s no longer a mystery, I remember how I felt when Mackenzie fell and got a concussion, can’t even imagine how you and Lesley were doing. Keep us updated!

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