Monday Muse: How can you help?

Here’s where the question above came from…

I was driving to a wedding over the weekend (without my family) and in doing so – had some quality ‘windshield time’ with God. I don’t know how I got thinking on the subject… but I started pondering on how I desire to be of ‘help’ to God’s plan, purpose, and kingdom… then it dawned on me: THIS MAY BE WHY my kids will be more apt to pitch in with something when I ask “Roman / Levi will you help me ______” rather than just saying “Roman / Levi will you _________?” – clear off the table, pick up your clothes, take this to mommy…. you get the idea.  Thinking even further on this…. I want to encourage my kids to be helpers rather than just tell them what to do AND I want them to teach them to see the opportunities to help in times of need, rather than just telling them to do something.

So how could you help someone this week, next week….?


  • Listen to your room mate / friend / husband / wife / child  (here’s the kicker) without offering a fix to the subject unless they ask.
  • Open a door
  • Ask “Can I get you anything?”
  • Ask “Can I help you with anything today / tonight?”
  • Watch someone from across the room / office – intentionally walk up to them and ask “could I help with that (project)?”

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