QUITR List vol1

From time to time I am going to ‘publish’ my Q.U.I.T.R list (Questions, Ideas, Thoughts, & Reflections).

These are things that I’ve jotted down in the moment – I am finding it good to keep this “QUITR list” to pursue, pray, and bounce these ideas around with my wife, friends, and others in ministry – things that race through my mind when I don’t have time to delve into them with full focus…

Do you have any “QUITR” topics or entries?

Here’s my list for the month:

  • Do I have margin in my life to think and serve others? (acts 2:44-47) — and to provoke love?
  • invite people into a purpose and God will bring change.
  • “experiential doctrine” that would be relativity.
  • how do you inhabit the space they (people in need) inhabit?
  • How do we get even deeper… to ask the question = how do the idols of my heart manifest themselves in unique ways?
  • Regarding Job and his friends: why isn’t some of what his friends saying right…. answer: you have to look at the context.
  • Freewill vs Predestination?
  • Why is there a judgment if we are predestined?…. there are two judgements.
    • From the movie “Answer Man” (not theologically sound) – Freewill moving toward or away from a purpose.
  • Where am I lazy?
    • finances?
    • faith?
    • discipline?
    • loving others?
    • time in prayer?

3 thoughts on “QUITR List vol1

  1. One big one for this me lately is complaining. Why have I got into a habit of complaining about everything? How does that look to others? How can I say I give glory to God, if I complain all the time?

    • Ahh … Me too. For me in that relm…It’s like I am trying to get attention as I complain… Some time people need to know – most the time they don’t.

  2. Dude, that is deep. I struggle with the margin thing. It seems I’m too busy most of the time, often with really “good” things.

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