vacation to see the real world


We decided to add “Planet Earth” to our Netflix queue. Two words, IT ROCKS. It is so amazing to learn about creation.

Last night we made nachos and watched the 2nd DVD with the boys. The portion of the documentary we watched was on “Ice Worlds” and the highlight of the video for the boys was the polar bears and penguins. This morning the boys woke up raring to go and Roman pretended to be a videographer and Levi was the bear… this ended up with them wrestling around on the floor when the bear ‘attacked’ (quite fun and funny).

It struck me how much we are made to interact with each other (as my boys were doing). We get lost behind so much chaos and bustle that we forget (I forget) to interact with people, we forget to talk, to touch, to sit and listen – and we very much default to our social media / internet / news / texting world.

I’m thinking of taking a media and technology vacation day (I’ll really have to take a vacation day because of how much I am on the computer for work) – I can imagine it will be well worth it.

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