what was it like?

I have been trying to put myself in the shoes of those early Christians. What it was like the morning they found Jesus’ tomb empty, what it was like when Jesus sat down at the right hand of God….

This morning I’ve been trying to imagine what people were saying, what they were thinking when the news swept the land that Jesus was no longer dead…. the bible outlines some of the comments from leaders trying to push on people…. but what about the things that weren’t recorded….. I can only imagine what my mind would be doing as I scanned faces in the streets, looking for Jesus… overhearing people say ‘did you hear that Jesus’ tomb was empty??!’ …. or the feelings and thoughts that my mind would had when I actually SEE him as he walks by…. or walks up to me and talks…

amazing… my heart skips a beat just writing / thinking about this…


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