hiatus & QUITR List vol2

blogging (among other things) can become a monster.  Getting every little thing tweaked, always trying new things…  trying this setting… keeping a log of blogs… save this as a draft… what other categories can I create… should I tag this “______”….. my mind has been consumed by things that it shouldn’t be consumed by, and so, I will be taking a break from writing – seem to be on overload right now – and so, at least for a month….

Here is the QUITR for March:

I can type silently on my itouch… Profound…

  • What is the hardest question to answer?
  • If the Israelites wouldn’t have complained to Moses in Ex 17, what how would have God provided how had he provided in the past??
  • Convo w/ someone:  If my sins are washed away why do I have to worry about being sinful?
  • “Make room for all that You are” – Leeland
  • Effortless grace is an oxymoron – there are times when it may be easier to extend grace to some one, but is it ever effortless??
  • Suffering and hard times do not always mean we are out of the will of God.
  • Obedience to God is more important than our personal comfort.
  • “God tense” Perfect tense — tetalesti (cry the cross) – past present future all in one tense.
  • Have I done all that God has asked me to do today?
  • What sin is holding back my fellowship with God??
  • How big are my “to do’s”?? Do I pray for big ones??
  • Is what I am doing right now have an impact on eternity (for the better)?

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