my dandelion appetite

While on a family bike ride tonight… we road past what seemed like a field of 1 billion dandelions. With excitement my oldest son asks “dad can we stop so I can pick a dried dandelion” – I thought to myself “are you serious”, but I said “sure you can” so we stopped. After he picked the best (roundest, fullest, and biggest) dandelion he blew the seeds all over his little brother and then we went on our way… about a mile along he asks again to pick a dandelion, and only because I needed a break, I caved. Again, he picked the biggest and best dandelion in the flock, blew it all over his little brother and started running through the dandelion field before him, only to be threatened that we would leave him if he didn’t get back in his seat…

My wise wife then said something like: When your family is gone the dandelions won’t be all that special. I laughed.

I get excited about dandelions too… even when they do nothing for me except give me a brief thrill of blowing all the dandelion seeds… those dandelions (or fill in the blank) really aren’t all that special.


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