In “Twitter Terms” the hash mark indicates that you have “tweeted” something that relates to the word or category that follows it… and at times, my mind thinks of comments and topics in twitter tweets or facebook status’ — SO all that to say, I had some significant “Windshield Time” this last weekend – I attended a wedding of a good friend and as I drove the long haul of I-44 and I-29 home, I was able to listen and reflect on a lot of songs and their lyrics…. and in a round-about way realized how well the “#” mark relates to worship.

Is there something in your day so far that shouldn’t fall behind the # mark in the category of ‘worship’? Or maybe there is something that you want to share about how you have successfully incorporated something into an act of worship (Romans 12:1-2) This is not refined by any means…. simply food for thought as I’m processing it.


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