give a little

Tonight my wife made an awesome pumpkin pie, for no reason at all… it is part of the benefits of having a pregnant wife. Long story short we had worship practice tonight and ended up taking the boys along (rarely, if ever happens)… they had fun, it was maybe a tad bit stressful for Mom and Dad.
Where we ‘gave a little’ was when we got home – bedtime at the Gangwish residence is normally around 8:00pm – we start the process at 7:30pm, tonight…… it was 9:12pm when we strolled into the house – and we broke out the pumpkin pie.
Lesson in flexibility: give a little, especially when the giving is a one-off  ‘doesn’t-hurt-anyone’ type of giving…
God gives us grace and freedom, why wouldn’t I do that for my kids?

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