i destroy things

Last night after work and before supper the boys and I went down to the toy room to play. We ended up building a castle out of blocks, well… Roman (oldest son) and I tried, but Levi (youngest son) took his toy train and rammed it into any walls we were able to erect before they were two blocks high.  I don’t know who was more frustrated Roman and Dad….

What a perfect parallel – the creation or advancement of the Kingdom of God is the work of God’s hands, and how often do we ram a (choose your toy / tool) into what God has created? Maybe we intentionally destroy something, maybe we do. Others might get frustrated with us because of our inconsiderate actions, but it ‘stings’ God too.

In the case of our castle and the ominous “Castle Wacker” (as Roman named Levi)… it was pretty petty that the castle was destroyed, it was a teachable moment of being considerate to others, and in the end we all became “Castle Wackers” and destroyed (in good clean fun) the castle to get some supper.


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