my favorite part

We have this “thing” we do with our kids… we ask them “What was your favorite part of today?” It is always fun to hear what they say, normally on response we get is “going to the park” but if you wait long enough you’ll hear what was REALLY the favorite part.

Recently, my youngest boy has started to asked the question back to me… most often at bedtime. It is fun, but I am finding that at the time he asks the question… well, that is my “favorite” – him asking ME… it is him talking to me, asking me what I have enjoyed…. most often my response involves my kids or their beautiful mom.  What a joy to share with my kids how much my family blesses me….

Tangent: We were talking in the office today how easy it is to share the negative things about kids / parenting / family…. you could probably even categorize “life” to the discussion… my pondering for this evening is: find a way to share with those you love, like, spend time with, work with, lead / manage, how much they bless you, tell them your “favorite part” of who they are in a way that will bless them.

Note: doing this will take effort, and it may even take putting your pride and status aside – I can’t imagine anything BAD would come of that…

2 thoughts on “my favorite part

  1. Jason, I’ve said this before, but I just love watching you with your family. It is truly a great picture to me of God and His love for us. . . as well as what I’d love to see my own family like some day.

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