the Little Things

(click for labels)

I have been thinking a lot about (and working on) the “between Sundays Worship” and tonight I had a good pondering moment that I thought I would share…

The boys just went to bed and I started picking up the living room, they helped with the big things… but there were a few ‘little things’ strewn across the rug in our living room. As I was picking the odds and ends I realized how closely parallel my day-to-day worship and life is with the rug before me and “Little Things” that blanketed it.

My life: the rug.

Stuff in my life: the “Little Things” (click picture for the labels)

One side note of humor: there are many small Legos, broken crayons, wadded up stickers, twisty ties, etc… that lay in the caverns of the rug pictured.

Sometimes the “Little Things” that end up in my life during the day are more noticeable than others (good and bad). None-the-less, they are there in full force.

Thinking of my day today…. (encourage you to do the same) what is lingering (noticeable or not as prevalent) in your heart, or in your manner…  Thinking of my responsibilities and list of To-Do’s, what surfaces in my heart and mind, what do I need to repent of and seek forgiveness over?

Here is where the “between Sundays Worship” is the hardest, but most rewarding. I will return to Romans 12.


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