Sorting Marbles & Sorting People

Our house wakes up early… anywhere between 5:30 and 6:00. This morning my amazing wife let me sleep for a bit, then after a while came into the room and asked “can we switch” – she needed some rest and Levi (youngest) was sleeping longer than usual. So, I went downstairs to meet up with Roman (oldest). Before my foot hit the bottom step, and while I was probably somewhat still asleep… Roman asks “can we play with marbles?” *I pause* “Sure.” With a christmas morning excitement he heads right to the marble bag, picks it up, and starts sorting. To my surprise he sorted them quite well – first by color, than by color, then by color again….. I encouraged him to sort them by a different attribute (rather than just color), and showed him he could sort them by texture. His response was basically….. “no, dad – those aren’t the same.”

Even as a child we see things organized in a particular way, it encouraged me to find ways that we as people are the same. Granted we are different, but we can all be sorted into one pile: by shape – and that is how Jesus sorts us.


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