waking moments

We were driving back from Iowa at the end of our “Thanksgiving Tour” this year and the boys were wiped out… they slept for 75% of the way home… As they started to stir from their sleep I moved my rear-view mirror to see them and watch them wake from their car-seat-nap-stuper. I’m beginning to realize how much I enjoy watching my kids sleep, but also watching them wake. I had, at that moment, a very clear pondering moment…


When we stir from a “sleep” (or, un-convicted) state spiritually – I wonder if God feels the same way about watching me “come awake” when he sees me sensing (and acting on) my conviction… I bet he does, it was fun to feel / see that parallel with my boys this last weekend.

And even as we are moving into the Christmas season, I think about the preface of the first Christmas Night…when Jesus was born…. oh, to see the wakening at that moment in the hearts of those that heard and saw the layout of the stable, the events of that year, the testimony first hand of His life, and even today the wakening in the Nations – from God’s view…


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