theme songs make everyone feel better

Whenever I think of theme songs I am always reminded of that scene in Emperor’s new Groove where Cronk sings to sing his own them music. Classic.

I keep a ‘boys [kids] favorites’ list in my iTunes that I can easily sync to my iPod or play at the drop-of-a-hat. Here is a list of ‘theme songs’ we’ve had over a period of time.

*The current favorite, rising quickly to the top is “Roll Away Your Stone“.

As I write / think of our history of theme songs tonight and how they have intertwined their way into our lives, the great memories and wonderful laughs that have come from HOURS of goofy dancing around the house – it makes me smile.  This evening the boys and I were home together while Mom was out with some of her friends. Roman was having a hard time getting out of his ‘Sleep stupor’… he was somewhat grouchy – I cranked our Theme song and I could tell he was trying his hardest not to laugh and let loose.

Life Application / Theme Song:

There are times in life when my real theme song [Christ in me] is hard to ‘crank’ and ‘let loose’ …. I truly want my theme song – the song that comes from living, breathing and obsessing over Jesus to be something that gets ‘cranked’ to the point were even if I’m in ‘sleep stupor’, like Roman was, that it would keep me focused on the joy and that I could see the depth, width and height of the love of Jesus that pursues me.



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