EAGER expectation


This morning after coffee with a close friend I was walking to my car and saw the first robin of the year… well… probably not THE first, but it was the first one I saw….

It reminded me of my childhood when my siblings and I would fervently be on the lookout for the ‘first robin of the year’. It’s a tradition that I think most of us (at least most of us Midwesterners) look forward to – it means that spring is coming soon – that we don’t have to bundle up the kiddos – that we will soon put away the snow shovels & ice melt – and we can open the windows for some fresh air [my wife’s favorite thing… maybe in the whole world].

I realized this morning that my excitement for the robin must reflect the same passion for who Jesus is AND what he is, and will do! I must actively wait for him to come, move, speak, show, etc… 

May our eyes and hearts be focused on Christ rather than the ‘robins’ of this world.

Psalm 130:6

my soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.


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